As of the Seventies, scientific studies of different origin have ratified, of conclusive way, the properties of the olive oil for the reduction of the rates of cholesterol and the prevention of the cardiovascular diseases of the organism.

The benefits that on the health the olive oil exerts were recognized institutionally by the American Senate, that lifted the Mediterranean diet to the category of model to feed it. From that moment, the olive oil became a dietetic product of luxury in the American market.

It signs in the defense of his convictions, the dietetic one of vanguard at present attacks against origin fats animal, whose excessive consumption exhausts the nutritious habits of numerous developed countries. Finally, investigations of all type have stated the entailment between the consumption of the olive oil and the reduction of the rate of mortality by arteriosclerosis and infarct of myocardium, as well as the smaller incidence of both diseases between groups accustomed the fish consumption, vegetables and olive oil.

But the juice of the olive owns other many virtues, such as prevention and treatment of the ulcers of the digestive apparatus, stimulation of the bony growth and favor the calcium absorption and mineralization of the bones, is excellent against the goiter, prevents the injurious effects with the age on the cerebral functions, acts of lubricant of the blood cleaning the residues of the arteries, etc.