The oil production comes realizing for more than 50 years by means of natural procedures, which does possible to obtain a product of great exquisite quality and, able to compete with best oils than they exist in the market.

In order to carry out its activity, the oil mill counts on the following facilities:

  • Lines of cleaning
    • FacilitiesFacilities

    Lines of unloading and cleaning-washing of the olive, so that the conditions during the production process are the suitable ones. All the process of cleaning and pesaje totally automated.

  • Hoppers of reception
    • FacilitiesFacilities

    Reception and storage of the olive.

  • Lines milling
    • FacilitiesFacilities

    Several lines you continue of milling that are in charge to crush the olive and to separate by means of centrifugalization the oil of the rest of grazes.

  • Deposits
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    Deposits of storage with a great total capacity, that allow the suitable conservation of the oil until their sale.
    The temperature stays the year throughout, in margins that cause that the oil conserves its organoleptic properties.