One of the main objectives that a Cooperative has and that the difference of the rest of companies of the sector and as less also could not be of ours, it is the greater service and advising to the agriculturist in all practices. Everything is not a process of milling and cleaning of olive, but these services go from the advising to the operations, the advising in the procedure of the aid destined to the sector, formation and other many services that make an ample range with which to improve the operation of each one of the operations.

Among others services our Cooperative has the following:

  • Organization of Producers Recognized. Services

    The old O.P.R follow in operation of one or the other way and unique ours like independent in our municipality, take created from 1987 and have like main function the procedure of aid the CAP of our associates, realizing agreements for their operation with banking organizations of the locality. The operation and the results of this organization do superb years in the last, being clear like Collaborating Organization of the Meeting of Andalusia in the two last campaigns.

  • Formation.

    Like a service of our Cooperative, we cannot forget the formation that in the heat of 21st century occupies a very important place within the agricultural life. For it formation courses have been realized and realize on phytosanitary, labor risks, to char them of agricultural formation and applications on agriculture in our municipality.

  • Atria.

    The S.C.A. Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro also is pioneering in the service of Atria like an advising individualized of treatments to our agriculturists. Improving the services to the agriculturist and like not improving as well the quality of our oils. The Virgin Atria of the Perpetual Aid comes working for more than 6 years and has been complemented with a new Virgin Atria of the Perpetual Aid II with which to cover the totality with the municipality. Among others the function of the treatment of the fly is had directly before the administrations.

  • Installments and phytosanitary. Servicios

    Our Cooperative account with a warehouse of phytosanitary installments and like a service more to our partners, improving the prices with the purchase wholesale of products.

  • Packaging.

    For several years hour is had own packer with a capacity of about 2500 liters and that packages packages of different type and design and that it also is located in our facilities.

  • Marketing. Services

    The S.C.A. Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro is integral part of "Aceites de Alcaudete S.L." that includes the cooperatives of the municipality and that it has his soothes social in our facilities.

  • Quality. Services

    As essential for our partners and clients it is the certification of quality of the S.C.A. Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro, since we have implanted a system of management of the quality according to norm ISO 9001-2000 and System of environmental Management according to norms ISO 14001.

  • New services and activities.

    The work of a Cooperative as ours it cannot be limited to live on the realized thing, but entails a continuous improvement and the accomplishment of new and novel activities that go for the improvement of the same and of the life of our associates.

    Between these activities we can see the following:

    • Page Web.

      This own page Web, is a service more to the partners, mainly to whom they are far from our municipality so that they can enjoy the services that we offer.

    • Photovoltaic solar plant. Services

      One more a bet by the environment and renewable energies is the creation of a photovoltaic solar plant with a capacity of 100 KW and that this settling in the ceilings of our facilities.

    • Use and formation.

      From this spring and after an agreement with the Council of Use, a factory of use for aromatic oils and soaps and cosmetics has been realized. This factory of use this directed by a technician whom already this serving its in our Cooperative that will direct to 20 unemployed ones of our town, like a social work more than we realized and that completely has the sponsorship of the Council of Use of the Meeting of Andalusia.